About Patty

About Patty

Patty RennickI have been working in the real estate industry since 1980. I started my career in the Pittsburgh area in the town of Sewickley working for Merrill Lynch Real Estate. I was fortunate as a new real estate agent to have superior training at our company. Sewickley is a small community outside of Pittsburgh, which is home to old Pittsburgh families and corporate executives. Pittsburgh had fifteen Fortune 500 companies in 1980 and much of my work was in the corporate relocation department.

In 1985 I moved to Lexington, Kentucky which is in the heart of the Bluegrass and the state that I call *home*. I worked for a great company, Prudential de Movellan. I did a lot of work in the Relocation Department and helped move executives again.

In 1990 I started a construction company, C-K Builders, in Lexington and was the general contractor while still selling real estate. I designed and built homes. That experience has assisted me with the selling of real estate. I have a general knowledge of what things cost and what is possible.

In 2002 I moved to Vero Beach. I have been visiting Vero Beach since 1975. I joined my husband’s company, Rennick Real Estate, and Auctions, in 2004. I have loved selling wonderful properties on our beautiful barrier island. We have an Auction Division. I have had special training in the auction business and have assisted my husband at well over 200 auctions. Did you know that almost all of the homes in England are sold at auction? It is an exciting way to sell property that is quick and efficient.

I love to play golf and I have always loved gardening. I was a member of the Garden Club of Allegheny County in Pittsburgh, and I am presently a member of the Garden Club of Lexington. I was the Conservation Chairman for our club in Lexington, and I went to Washington for a few years to lobby on the hill for the Garden Club of America. I was also the Cookbook Chairman for a few years! We are famous for our two wonderful cookbooks, Blue Grass Winners and Entertaining with Bluegrass Winners, which fund a formal garden at Ashland, the home of Henry Clay.

Moving to Vero Beach has been a very happy decision for me. I feel fortunate to live in this beautiful place and I feel fortunate to have great clients. Please feel free to call me if you have questions about anything. I can help you find your special place in the sun.


— Patty